ISFA currently offers hands-on fabrication training for solid surface and for quartz surfacing/granite. Each course is designed to increase saftey, quality, productity and the utilization of time saving tools and techniques with both the beginning and experienced fabricator in mind.

Each course is taught using a variety of adult learning techniques and presentations. The information is presented in an interactive group discussion format covering theory, best practices and real life experiences. Where applicable, the processes are demonstrated in a shop environment. Students fabricate a kitchen countertop project with their workstation partner. The project includes templating, material layout, cutting, seaming, bowl mounting, edge treatments, cutouts, basic repairs, inlays, thermoforming, coved backsplashes, overhangs, finishing and installation. The course is presented over three full days. 

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Courses Offered: 

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TFT Solid Surface Level I
Member – $995.00
Non-Member – $1,395.00

TFT Quartz/Granite
Member – $1,295.00
Non-Member – $1,695.00

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Solid Surface TFT – Level I
Quartz Surfacing/Granite



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