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ISFA On-Site Training for both Solid Surface and Quartz & Stone

Your Tools. Your Staff. Your Shop. Our Expertise.

Program Overview:

ISFA On-Demand is a customized training program for our members designed to meet the needs of your business. Basic fabrication instruction includes Product Orientation, Safety, Tooling, Fabrication & Installation. More advanced instruction includes Manufacturer’s Fabrication/Installation Requirements.


  • Allows your staff to train in your shop using your own tools.
  • Instructor can assist with starting a new job.
  • The trainees/students can remain in the shop and not lose travel days.
  • Far more economical to pay trainer travel than your staff’s travel expenses.
  • Trainer can assess additional on site needs and make recommendations.


2-day (70% Classroom, 30% Shop)

Includes product knowledge, handling, inspection, safety, tooling, shop layout, templating, material layout, cutting, seaming, edge treatments, sink & bowl mounting, cutouts, backsplashes, thermoforming, finishing, basic repair, installation, support, overhangs and inlays.

3-Day (40% classroom, 60% Shop)

Includes the above plus students complete a kitchen countertop project in teams. And may include shop layout and efficiency audits, on-site consultation, specialty production and installation training.

Requirements for Solid Surface Training

  • Standard woodworking tools plus solid surface specialty tooling. Trainer will provide list.
  • Shop needs to be a solid surface or woodworking shop of 800 sq/feet minimum.
  • Needs to have an area for classroom type instruction.

Registration Process

  • Initial phone consultation by trainer.
  • 1 month leadtime to schedule.


  • ISFA Fabricator membership - $400
  • Training cost, dependant on training needs:
  • Trainer travel costs include airfare, hotel, meals:

Session Completion

  • Participants will receive a certificate to recognize that they have completed a professional Solid Surface Fabrication training course.
  • Participants will receive window clings for work vehicles and t shirts to identify them as members of the International Surface Fabricators Association.
  • Participants will receive a follow-up survey from the trainer to provide feedback.

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Marshalltown, Iowa
May 2017





Sitka, Alaska
February 2016


Southern California
January 2016



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