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Countertops Magazine Article Archive

Volume 14 Issue 1 - Q1 2021

Member Spotlight - Hard Rock Stone Works

Volume 13 Issue 4 - Q4 2020

Member Spotlight - Mid-Atlantic Surfaces

Volume 13 Issue 3 - Q3 2020

Member Spotlight - Front Range Stone

Volume 13 Issue 2 - Q2 2020

Member Spotlight - Onslow Stoneworks

Volume 13 Issue 1 - Q1 2020

Member Spotlight - Alpha Granite & Tile


Volume 12 Issue 4 - Q4 2019

OSHA’s Focus on Safety in Hard Surface Fabrication Shops: A look at the top 10 safety citations over the past year 

Member Spotlight - LYCOS

Cutting through the Surface Methods for processing compact surfacing 

Successfully Employing the Hispanic Workforce


Volume 12 Issue 3 - Q3 2019

Member Spotlight - Carolina Custom Surfaces

An Examination of Duties and Tariff Activities in the Surfacing Industry Final Chinese Quartz Duties Set

Pushing the Boundaries of Design Emerging methods for keeping solid surface at the top of the wave of innovation

Not Your Grandfather's Factory: Modernizing Manufacturing to Attract Millennials

Five Trendy Backsplash Tile Solutions


Volume 12 Issue 2 - Q2 2019
Member Spotlight - L.E. Smith Company

Innovation and the Rising Tide of Healthcare Costs

Eight Essentials of Successful Sales Management

Passing the Torch without Getting Burned How to Build a Robust Gen 2 Company


Volume 12 Issue 1 - Q1 2019

Member Spotlight - The Countertop Factory Midwest

Preparing for the Next Recession

How New Technology Can Improve Financial Outcomes 


Volume 11 Issue 4 - Q4 2018

Corporate Culture – The Genesis Servant Leadership and the Essence of Corporate Well Being

Developing a Winning Sales Team Four Fundamentals for Focusing Sales Success

CNC Saw vs Sawjet for Cutting Stone

Avoid These Four Mistakes When Writing Copy for Your Brochure or Sales Letter

Member Spotlight - Bond Interiors

Volume 11 - 2018-2019 Buyers Guide Reference Manual

Volume 11 Issue 3 - Q3 2018
Member Spotlight - Crea Diffusion
Are You Covered?
Calculating the ROI of a Salesperson
Are You in Compliance with OSHA’s New Crystalline Silica Regulations? 
How to Become Emotionally Intelligent
Examining Porcelain and Compact Sintered Surfaces


Volume 11 Issue 2 - Q2 2018
Member Spotlight - Plastic Specialties
How to Get Your Customer Evangelists to Sell for You
Adjusting to Labor Shortages
Marketing Leverage: The Synthesizing of Portfolio Assets
On the History of ISFA - Guest Commentary


Volume 11 Issue 1 - Q1 2018
Member Spotlight - Rockin'teriors
Generation to Generation, Behavioral Drives Are Different


Volume 10 Issue 4 - Q4 2017
Member Spotlight - NSMotif
The Power of Listening to Make Sales
Infinity Shades of Gray


Volume 10 Issue 3 - Q3 2017
Member Spotlight - Wilcor

Eight Top Sales Management Success Factors
In the Beginning: The Early History of ISFA

Volume 10 Issue 2 - Q2 2017
Member Spotlight - The Pinske Edge
A Deeper Look at Soapstone
Raise Your L.I.D. to Success


Volume 10 Issue 1 - Q1 2017
Member Spotlight - INDEKO
Offering Value and Understanding Sales
The Marketing Mix's Missing Link: The Fifth "P"
Another Satisfied Customer - Event Planning, Development and Execution Company Participates in ISFA On-Site Training Program to Much Success


Volume 9 Issue 4 - Q4 2016
Member Spotlight - Interfab
Sustainability in Business Includes, but Goes Well Beyond, "Green"


Volume 9 Issue 3 - Q3 2016
Member Spotlight - Gecko Solid Surface Solutions
Synchronous Flow: Helping the countertop fabricator synchronize the business system
Social Media: A fabricator's tool for success
Green That Comes Out in the Wash
OSHA’s New Silica Regulation and What it Means to Surface Fabrication Shops


Volume 9 Issue 2 - Q2 2016
Buyer Desire - The Secret To Owning the Sale
Take Control of Your Business: Establish metrics to define, evaluate and plan for success
What Makes A Great Manager?


Volume 9 Issue 1 - Q1 2016

OSHA Fines for Workplace Safety Violations Increase for First Time in 25 Years


Volume 8 Issue 4 - Q4 2015
A Tale of Two Factories: How plants across the globe worked together to meet demand
Project with a Twist: Fabricator conquers complex commercial construction of solid surface stairway
Investment & Financial Modeling – A Leadership Mindset…
5 Steps to Create a Workable Family Business Succession Plan
Volume 8 Issue 3 - Q3 2015
Water Treatment Woes: Controlling Bacteria Growth and Related Safety Concerns in Stone Fabrication
Understanding Surfacing Adhesive: Answers to common questions to help avoid glue issues

Co-Branding and the Halo Effect


Volume 8 Issue 2 - Q2 2015
Decked Out with Dekton: The ins and outs of a compact sintered surfacing project
The Future of Digital Technology in the Stone Industry
Adhesive Color Matching Issues Explained

Simple Strategies for Improving Sales


Volume 8 Issue 1 - Q1 2015

Make It Your Renaissance Year: Success through discipline, diversification, outreach and strategy


Volume 7 Issue 4 - Q4 2014
Solid Surface on Display: Mobile showroom highlights this material’s capabilities
Solid Surface Machining: Keys to Cost-savings
The Top Determining Factor behind Every Sale
Quartz Surfaces Continue to Trend up

Tips for Improving your Hiring Process!


 Volume 7 Issue 3 - Q3 2014
Simplify to Multiply Sales
5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Outsmart Your Competition and Increase Profits
Induction Charging in Smart Kitchens
Heated Countertops
Backlighting Translucent Surfacing Materials

Management Matters: Selling Solid Surface as a Kitchen Countertop


Volume 7 Issue 2 - Q2 2014
The Importance of the Cove Backsplash in Solid Surface and How to Fabricate It
Fabricator Profile: Lincoln Laminating
Tipping the Scale of the Sale
Equipment Minded? Mind These Rules
Affordable Marketing Strategies Redefined - Give me $200 and I'll give you $2,000

A Showroom that Doesn’t Fall Flat: Australian fabricator Wave Surfaces showcases real dimension


 Volume 7 Issue 1 - Q1 2014
Fabricator Profile: Surface Link
Moving Solid Surface Beyond the Countertop
Growth - The Double-Edged Sword
Advanced Stone Marketing Strategies for Those Who Want More Profits
Set up to Succeed: Transitioning Leadership in a Family-Owned Business


Volume 6 Issue 4 - Q4 2013

10 Tips, Tools & Techniques for Making Sales Now
Battling Germs with Surfacing Material
How to Create Marketing and Sales Systems for Highly Profitable Stone Companies
Promises, Promises (and How To Keep Them)
Staying Ahead of the Curve


Volume 6 Issue 3 - Q3 2013

Management Matters: Solid Surface Fabricators Should Stop Waiting for the Phone to Ring
A Look at the History of Engineered Stone
Small Sales
Capitalizing on Recycled Glass-based Materials
Unique Angles


Volume 6 Issue 2 - Q2 2013

Building a Safety Program for Your Business
Concrete Countertop Mix Designs Simplified
Management Matters: Social Media is Here to Stay
Using Showrooms to Boost Countertop Sales
Job Jacket: Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel
Volume 6 Issue 1 - Q1 2013
Stunning Kitchen Transformations
Management Matters: You Need a Safe Shop
Considerations for Making Concrete Countertops in Cold Weather
5 Keys to Adapting to the New Economy


Volume 5 Issue 4 - Q4 2012

A Surface Fit for a King
Solid Surface in Russia
Fabricator Profile: KB Surfaces
Five Tips for a Successful Fabricator Blog
Inbound Marketing
Management Matters: Answering Architects' FAQs