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Five Tips for a Successful Fabricator Blog

Here are five tips for making sure your fabricator blog is a success:

1. Content: Talk about what your customer wants to know. Material attributes, colors, wearability, design possibilities, back story (the “lore” of the materials) are all great – and interesting – fodder for blog posts. Be sure to make the connection between the features of your products and services and how they can benefit the end user in every article.

2. Keep it Short: 500 words is just about the upper end limit. If you find yourself going way over this limit, break the article into smaller posts and spread them out over time.

3. Keywords: Most likely you have optimized your website for certain specific keywords. Use those keywords often in the content of your posts. Keep in mind, however, that branded keywords, such as your company name, are less effective in a blog. By providing really good information without the subtle ads, readers will come to trust what you have to say even more.

4. Use Good Photos: One or two high-quality photos are perfect.

5. Link Content: You earn credibility with readers and points with the search engines when you insert text links within the body of your post to relevant content on your website or elsewhere. Don’t worry about giving someone else a little credit for content they have generated. Your readers will appreciate your even-handed treatment of the subject.

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