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The International Surface Fabricators Association is here to help you succeed in this industry.

The International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) is globally recognized as a premier trade organization serving the manufactured surface industry. ISFA exists to help fabricators and other industry professionals increase product quality, improve safety measures, encourage professionalism and elevate profitability by facilitating education, standards and camaraderie.  

 "My company has been a member of ISFA since 1998. ISFA is interacting more with their members now than they have in the past, and they’re offering more opportunities for members to learn. I truly enjoy being a part of this organization, and I appreciate the knowledge they provide to their members." —Tom Pinske, The Pinske Edge, Plato, Minnesota

Over the past 25 years, ISFA has built a community around fabricators and specifiers of manufactured surfaces. We’re here to foster growth in this industry. We value innovation, dependability, trust, honesty, ethics, and serving others above all else.

We build connections that will support your business. Our aim is to further the industry by providing fabricators with opportunities to learn about new products, market trends, best practices in business, and other industry news and events. We’ll connect you with industry experts who can provide on-the-job training and other educational opportunities, networking events, affiliate programs, facility tours and so much more.

 "ISFA is a great value, and it has helped me grow my business in more ways than one. The educational opportunities and events are a great way to glean market insights and network with other industry professionals. The fabricator shop tours are a wealth of information. I would recommend any shop, large or small, join ISFA." —Brian Twardowski, White House Stone, Lake Park, Florida

The bottom line: Your membership is an investment in your future, and ISFA can help you achieve your goals in more ways than one.

Join ISFA today and let’s build something amazing together.

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