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Industry News - Cosentino Continues Support of Sustainability

Cosentino has long been a supporter of sustainability initiatives. In Spain, in 2018 alone, the company rolled out investments in environmental assets worth more than $5.6 million (USD), and $9.1 million in total spending on environmental improvement. In the United States, Cosentino invested in environmental assets worth $2.8 million, along with spending more than $7.5 million on environmentally friendly waste management. These tangible commitments by they company are made in line with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda. In committing to sustainability and a positive environmental impact, the company adheres to strategic objectives like innovation (Sustainable Development Goal 9) and sustainable production (Sustainable Development Goal 12). Last year the company constructed a self-contained residual materials processing plant within the company’s industrial park in Cantoria. This plant is dedicated to the sustainable treatment and processing of residual materials generated by the company in its production processes, especially sludge from the production of Silestone® and Dekton®, as well as leftover broken or defective pieces. To highlight the importance the company places on this initiative, Cosentino currently manages a total of approximately 300,000 tons of residual material (more than 771 tons per day), and recovers more than 30 percent of it. In 2018, this metric grew by 83 percent when compared to 2017. The company is in the advanced stages of planning for what will be one of Spain’s largest renewable energy power plants for self-consumption, which it expects to implement in 2020. In line with its goal to empower The Circular Economy, Cosentino aims to obtain a license that will permit the utilization of water from a county treatment plant. Construction of this new station for the regeneration of residual wWater, located within Cosentino Park, is expected to commence this year.

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