2021 Annual Sponsor Spotlight 

Park IndustriesCompany Name: Park Industries
Member Since: 2000

Tell us a little about your company
Park Industries® is a family-owned business located in St. Cloud, Minn., that provides a steadfast dedication to quality, customer service, and innovative technology. Park began providing full-service solutions to the stone industry in 1953, and is proud to have grown to become North America’s largest stoneworking equipment manufacturer. Park Industries is proud to be an American Built Manufacturer and takes great pride in the quality and craftsmanship that is devoted to each machine. With more than 15,700 machines sold, Park machines are designed and built for maximum durability, minimal downtime and high efficiency. The company offers a full line of solutions for any size of shop including: Bridge Saws; Edge Polishers; Miter Saws; CNC Saws; CNC SawJets; CNC Routers; Thinstone Saws; Stone Splitters; Water Systems; and Shop Performance Software Suite.  Read More