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2022 Annual Conference Speaker Spotlight:
Tim Saddoris


Are you making decisions based on the last 12 months or the next 12 months? Is your technology telling you what needs to be done, or are you just trusting your gut? With an unprecedented labor shortage and a recession looming, we need technology now more than ever. Tim Saddoris, president of Grand Onyx, a firm dedicated to building world-class fabricators by helping them streamline processes and implement growth strategies using digital solutions, breaks down how you can transform your business with the right approach to technology. In this session, Tim covers:

  • A new kind of power tool: Transforming your business with technology
  • Better late than never: Why it’s sometimes better to delay tech onboarding adoption
  • Tech fatigue: What is it and how do you avoid it
  • Review, rinse and repeat: Did I make the right tech decision, or is it time to pivot

Digital Stoneworking Expo Scheduled for September

Park Industries invites countertop fabricators from across North America to join them in Greensboro, North Carolina as their Digital Stoneworking Expo returns on Wednesday, September 14. This will be the second “DSE” of 2022 after a successful, fabricator-packed event in Denver this past June.

Attendees will enjoy a shop tour, watch CNC machine demos, hear from guest fabricators speakers and learn about growing their business on a variety of topics.

Key topics to include:

  • Digital Fabrication: From Start to Finish
  • Determining Your ROI – Is it worth it for me?
  • Countertop Forecasts – Leading indicators
  • How to Cut Porcelain – Optimizing for Material Trends
  • Two Guest Fabricators share their growth stories

Meet Joe Duszka, 2022 president of the International Surface Fabricators Association and Stone World’s 2021 Fabricator of the Year, and tour his automated shop Carolina Custom Surfaces, to watch CNC machines in action.

Machines include:

  • SABERjet XP CNC Sawjet
  • TITAN 3800 CNC Routers (x2)
  • FASTBACK II Edge Polisher
  • HydroClear Pro 220 Water Clarification System
  • And more

There is no charge to attend this expo, but space is limited and is expected to fill up fast.