Welcome to ISFA, the premier association of the surfacing industry for over 20 years! As a non-profit trade association, we exist to serve our members through education and networking. Members adhere to the ISFA Code of Ethics and ISFA Surfacing Standards. ISFA also publishes and distributes Countertops & Architectural Surfaces Magazine to over 30,000 industry professionals! Learn more about ISFA in this 1 Minute Video.

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ISFA stands for the International Surface Fabricators Association, and that's exactly what we are.  Our membership is global, representing fabricators from 13 different countries, and ISFA fabricators are the best of the best, adhering to the ISFA code of ethics, and ISFA's fabrication standards.  ISFA is the only surfacing trade association with published standards for both Solid Surface and Quartz fabrication.  Additionally, our members fabricate all surfaces and participate in both residential and commercial construction projects.  From horizontal surfaces like countertops and desktops, to vertical walls and partitions, to elaborate and highly customized applications, ISFA members are responsible for making the world a little more beautiful, one surface at a time.  Aside from the honor and accolades of being an ISFA professional, members benefit from a variety of education and networking programs, an affiliate program with exclusive member discounts, and peer to peer mentoring.  ISFA was founded upon the principal of "members helping members" and this practice is just as vibrant and relevant today as it was at it's inception in 1996.  If you'd like to learn more, and be considered for ISFA membership, we welcome you to complete our online application.

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LE Smith Leadership Team
The L.E. Smith Company, based in Bryan, Ohio, has a long history with a unique background and forward-thinking philosophy toward business that allows it a distinctive perspective of the industry and has earned it much success.

L.E. Smith was founded in 1950 by Lawrence E. (L.E.) Smith, with the help of his wife, June. At that time, the company was selling metal molding edges for countertops. June was an artist who also opened several art stores selling her work and the work of local artists. Their combined work ethic, creativity and innovation helped build a strong foundation for the next generations. And, as such, it has remained family-owned for three generations now.

To learn more about L.E. Smith, view the full article in the Q2 issue of Countertops & Architectural Surfaces Magazine.