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ISFA's Behind the Surface Podcast: Installing Profitability Series

Installing Profitability Series

ISFA's Installing Profitability Series, sponsored by BACA Systems, is co-hosted by longtime fabricator and industry expert Eric Tryon

ISFA Executive Director Nancy Busch hosts this monthly podcast + workshop event, which touches on regular themes that matter to fabricators. From human resources to incentive plans, sales programs, showroom design and more, each podcast is the precursor to a valuable workshop where you can ask questions and get actionable answers. Listen in and gain valuable insights on how you can improve your bottom line.  

The workshops are FREE to ISFA members and friends of BACA Systems.

Here's What's Coming Up Next:

Installing Profitability Episode 11

How do you determine your pricing? Do you have a dedicated system to review and iterate your pricing depending on inflation, material supply, customer demand, operating costs or other factors? How often do you review your pricing structure?   

Some studies suggest that a price change can impact margins by as much as 50%.    

Listen in to this episode of the Installing Profitability podcast as Eric Tryon coaches you through:  

  • Determining price points  
  • Deciding when to absorb costs or raise prices   
  • Justifying increases by fine-tuning and elevating your value proposition  
  • Building a scalable pricing structure for your sales team  

Learn about these critical levers and more in this episode of ISFA's podcast. After listening, attend the workshop on August 10 at 2 PM ET, during which Eric will tackle your specific pricing challenges and concerns. 

Workshop: August 10th, 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT

Registration for the workshops is required!


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