Another Satisfied Customer: Event Planning, Development and Execution Company Participates in ISFA On-Site Training Program to Much Success

ISFA On-Site is customized to meet the needs of a specific business or organization. Basic fabrication instruction includes product orientation, safety, tooling, inspection, shop layout, templating, cutting, seaming, edge treatments, sink and bowl mounting, cutouts, backsplashes, thermoforming, finishing, basic repair, material support, overhangs, inlays and installation. More advanced instruction includes manufacturers’ specific fabrication/installation requirements. The benefits include: allowing staff to train in the actual environment where work will take place using their own tools; no loss of travel days and less expense for travel for one trainer than a whole group of students; and an on-site assessment of needs, just to name a few.

The training usually runs two to three days, depending on the needs of the trainees, and includes both classroom-type training and actual hands-on fabrication. When finished, participants get certificates showing they have completed a professional training program.

The Latest Students

The most recent participant in the program was a company called Satis&fy LLC at its Portland, Ore., facility. The company, which has 10 locations around the world, is a leading international provider of cutting-edge event and media technology, scenic design and room-inroom solutions.

While the training was held for only nine of the employees that work in the Oregon location, altogether, the overall company employs more than 500 worldwide and handles more than more than 3,000 events, trade shows and exhibitions annually. Having worked successfully with such prominent clients as Nike, Hurley, Michael Jordan, Oakley, Columbia Sportswear, Sorel and Swarovski has given the company a stellar reputation.

It’s the company’s focus to turn creative ideas into tangible realities. “We strongly believe that ‘impossible’ is merely an opinion and not a fact. To achieve the impossible, you need to bring a lot to the table: a variety of media, interdisciplinary methods, and committed, creative people. We have it all under one roof,” said Danika Duren Goldstein, a project management team leader at Satis&fy. “Consistency is key, and our service model, the ‘one-stop solution,’ is our way of promising unprecedented quality and peace of mind to our clients. Our project managers, planners, multimedia specialists, set designers, architects, carpenters, industrial designers and logistics specialists all have one quality in common— they strive to conquer the impossible.”

The company’s one-stop solution is an idea of packaging integrated technical consulting, planning and implementation for professional events that focuses on support along every step of the way. This offering encompasses classic technical services, such as lighting, audio and video support, and extends to scenic and interior design, furniture, graphics, exhibit construction and custom builds.

“In its simplest form, Satis&fy’s focus is on executing premium events for clients that demand excellence,” explained Duren Goldstein. “From the early stages of planning to the event’s conclusion, our team delivers world-class service every step of the way, while seamlessly incorporating leading technology and unparalleled scenic design into every job. We link industry specialists from various disciplines, cutting-edge equipment and modern transport logistics to ensure your event is executed flawlessly—from start to finish.”

She went on to describe how the company is made up of firm believers that when it comes to knowledge, more is better, and as such, that was why choosing to incorporate solid surface fabrication capabilities into the company’s repertoire of skills was a no-brainer. “By growing and adapting to incorporate cutting-edge fabrication into our workflow, we’re able to make good on the promise that drives our company: the “one-stop solution” service model,” she said. “Having solid surface fabricators on our team not only adds another dimension to the service we’re able to offer, it opens doors to work with clients that understand and value the quality and craftsmanship tied to the material. Simply put, the ability to now tackle solid surface tasks inhouse further sets us apart from the rest.”

The Result

In the end, Satis&fy was pleased with the results of the training, and ISFA was glad to have another member as part of its growing network. When asked how she felt about the training program, Duren Goldstein answered, “The level of professionalism and experience that came with the ISFA’s On-Site training program can’t be overstated. The confidence, helpfulness and comfort with the materials our instructor brought to the table spoke volumes about his dedication to the product and training course — not to mention his flexibility and sense of humor while braving a Portland snowstorm of historic levels.

“Without a doubt, we would recommend ISFA’s solid surface training program to other companies looking to expand their capabilities,” she continued. “Keeping in line with our company’s dedication to sustainability and a greener future, we couldn’t be happier with the added benefit solid surface fabrication brings: high-quality creations that can stand the test of time.”