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Types & Costs of Fabricator Memberships 

  • Fabricator Annual Member: $499 - Any Specialty Surfaces fabrication company that has been in business at least two years and carries appropriate liability insurance.

    • Fabricator Monthly Member: $45/month - Any Specialty Surfaces fabrication company that has been in business at least two years and carries appropriate liability insurance. This plan allows you to pay monthly dues for your yearly membership.

Branch options are also available - If you would like to register other physical locations for membership, sign up for the main location using the Fabricator Membership on this form and then please contact Carol Wilhite at [email protected].

  • Subscriber Member: $499 - Applicant companies that meet all other qualifications, but have been in business for less than two (2) years shall be eligible for Subscriber Membership, and are treated in all respects as standard Fabricator Members.

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How does ISFA Deliver Value?

Networking & Mentoring Education & Training Industry Publications
Member Discounts Logo Use Industry Awareness


Networking and Mentoring 

Membership facilitates a dialogue between fellow fabricators. It creates an environment where business owners and managers come together to share their industry knowledge and experience. Membership in ISFA is about recognizing and taking advantage of the power of building relationships to build your business.

Education and Training

ISFA has developed educational programs specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s fabricator for both the residential and commercial markets. These programs, as well as the published fabrication standards, give you the tools to succeed in your business.

ISFA also offers customized Solid Surface training for our members designed to meet the needs of your business by bringing the training ONSITE to your shop. Whether you are expanding your business or training new employees, this program will meet all of your needs

ISFA Certified Professional

By becoming an ISFA Certified Professional you designate your business as a professional, reliable and trusted business that will exceed your customer’s needs and expectations. Participating companies will be recognized on our website and in our magazine.

Countertops & Architectural Surfaces 

Membership with ISFA includes a subscription to Countertops & Architectural Surfaces, which is the ultimate resource for industry news and events. Each colorful issue is packed with articles covering the art of surfacing fabrication, as well as project profiles and articles that fuel the imagination. All Fabricator Members are allowed free classified ads in the publication.

Lead Generation

Your listing in our magazine and on our website provides an additional marketing opportunity for your business. ISFA’s extensive web presence and member search tool position your company in front of potential customers every day.

ISFA Member Discounts

ISFA is proud to offer our Member exclusive discounts.

ISFA Logo Use

You can use the power of the ISFA logo on your website, forms, vehicles, etc to demonstrate that you are members of our professional global network.

Industry Awareness

ISFA promotes the benefits of decorative surfacing to the world. Your membership helps make it possible to reach architects, interior designers, commercial specifiers.

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