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Mineral Surfaces

In June of 2021, under the creative direction of our vice president of standards, Paul “Max” LePera, the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) made the decision to wholly refer to the category described previously as Modern Surfaces or Large Format to Mineral Surfaces.

ISFA is of the opinion that this chemically and technically appropriate name is both relatable to the average consumer and broad enough to allow for formulation and manufacturing variants. Subcategories within the Mineral Surfaces include but are not limited to Porcelain, Sintered and Ultra-Compact.

Mineral Surfaces are clay-based and contain various minerals such as kaolin. The manufacturing processes for Mineral Surfaces can vary, but all typically involve compaction and formation of a solid mass of material by applying heat and pressure, which result in durable manufactured surface material.

Mineral Surfaces are resistant to scratching, cracking, UV light, and—naturally—heat. Suitable for both interior and exterior uses, Mineral Surfaces offer fabricators and designers a wide range of applications.

ISFA, in partnership with leading manufacturers, seeks to educate our members on the proper fabrication of this emerging category.