Mike Nolan Scholarship Fund

After working at a number of companies in the Solid Surface industry, Mike was elected to the ISFA Board of Directors in 2006 and served two terms. While on the Board, he revamped the entire Total Fabrication Training program for Solid Surface. He stepped down in 2012 and became the ISFA Director of Education. He is remembered by all who knew him in the industry as a person who shared freely of his time and knowledge.

In his honor, his wife Terry Kromke-Nolan, established the Mike Nolan Scholarship Fund in 2014 saying: “In the spirit of the ISFA Mission Statement and the hands on that Mike believed in so much, I would like to establish an education award.”

“We both believe that kids are so talented with their hands and so creative should be nurtured and given a chance to succeed”.
“I hope that this small beginning will be a goal that ISFA and I can continue to enhance for as many students as possible.”
“Know that I am thrilled for him when he joined up with all of you good folks.”

This fund had received donations from many ISFA members in Mike’s memory and we are working to create programs to support training and education for those that may not have the knowledge and resources to enter the industry.





Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarship awards go to support a high school student whose career focus is on the trades. Trades are those dealing with the decorative surfacing industry, cabinetry and general carpentry.

Scholarship Requirements

Recipient Must:

  1. Be a child whose parents are members of ISFA.
  2. Demonstrate financial need.
  3. Be going into their senior year of high school.
  4. Be enrolled as a full-time student. On the job training (OJT) will be considered full-time activity.
  5. Maintain a 3.0 GPA or better.
  6. Fill out the scholarship application completely.
  7. Submit two letters of recommendation. One (1) letter should be from a teacher that oversaw the student’s activities and abilities. The other from a non-relative who can vouch for the student’s character, work ethic and desire to achieve.
  8. Submit a personal letter indicating why they feel they should receive this scholarship.
  9. The school must be accredited with their appropriate state for the curriculum being studied

All applications should be into the ISFA office no later than the end of March each year. The scholarship will be awarded by the end of May in order to award the student at the end of their junior year of high school.

Scholarship Amount
Each year ISFA will award a single $1,000 scholarship providing all criteria have been met.

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