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Front Range Stone Inc. began with the idea of taking advantage of the granite boom that was taking place as the industry moved into 2000. However, as it grew, it focused not only on advanced technology and providing high-quality service, but also on product diversity.Brad Pearce, Front Range Stone

Building the Business

In May of 2001 Brad Pearce and Clark Lechner started Front Range Stone, operating out of a 2,500-sq.-ft. shop in Englewood, Colo., and fabricating only granite. Pearce and Lechner had met working previously for a solid surface countertop business in Denver and decided to make a jump to start the granite business. With only seven employees to begin with, the company put its focus on technology and production processes that would lead to growth and putting out top-quality products.

Within just two years of opening its doors, Front Range was able to make its first major equipment purchase in the form of a Park Industries Tru Edge line polisher. “Our business has grown over the years and technology has played an enormous part of our success. Park Industries has been an excellent partner since our first purchase to our most recent purchases in 2018 of two Titan CNC machines,” said Pearce, president of the company. “We currently operate three Park Industries Fusion 4245 Sawjets, six Park Titan CNCs, and a Park Industries Saber 5-axis CNC Bridge Saw. Without the investment in automation and process, our growth capabilities would have been greatly reduced.”

However, the ability to invest in that amount of high-quality, high-production machinery didn’t happen overnight. The company worked hard and expanded multiple times to get where it is today. “In 2007 Front Range started back into the solid surface business to support our builders and box store customers,” explained Pearce, “and in 2012 we made an acquisition of a postform laminate countertop business to round out our assortment and to better service our customer base.”

Measuring, cutting and design technologies have all been consistently upgraded at Front Range, so the entire process is digital, more efficient and profitable. In 2010, Front Range Stone went through the NSI Accreditation process, and was the first fabricator in Colorado to earn that distinction, which provides guidelines for fabricators on financial aptitude, shop safety/OSHA regulations, and fabrication and installation standards.

“The shop’s advanced technology allows us to offer a quick turn-around time from the day of template/measure for all product lines,” explained Pearce. “Front Range Stone also has the ability to show our customers how their countertop project will look before we cut it with our automated process, giving them an exact picture of the finished product.” All of these things have led the company to be one of the largest fabricators in the state, with customers covering its entirety. The business has more than 150 employees today and now operates out of two facilities in Englewood: a 31,000-sq.-ft. hard surfaces shop and a 20,000-sq.-ft. solid surface and laminate facility.

Diversified Products and Pathways to Market

Part of the company’s success can be attributed to its willingness to meet customer demands in whatever form that takes, as well as utilizing various B2B pathways to market. “From the beginning we have believed the more products we can fabricate and install, the better connection we have with all of our customers,” said Pearce.

As such, the company now offers granite and other natural stone, quartz surfacing, solid surface, compact surfaces, recycled materials and laminate. It also offers tear-out and plumbing disconnection and reconnection services as value-added options.

While hard surfaces remain the company’s top products, with it producing and installing on average 38,500 sq. ft. per month, 65 to 70 percent is now quartz surfacing. “Quartz continues to drive the hard surface market,” said Pearce. “Our largest suppliers of quartz products are Cosentino, LG Hausys and Cambria.”

The company also produces and installs 7,000 sq. ft. of solid surface and 6,250 sq. ft. of laminate on average each month as well. Pearce estimates that solid surface is historically between 12 and 15 percent of the company’s total revenue, whereas laminate represents about 8 percent.

Front Range Stone also diversifies the ways it goes to market, handling both residential and commercial projects, with the latter representing roughly 25 to 30 percent of its overall business. “We service all segments of the market including kitchen and bath designers, millworks, architects, engineers, builders, general contractors and big box stores,” explained Pearce.

By making sure the company is diversified in both its product offerings and customer types, it helps to ensure that it is not reliant too heavily on any one segment of the industry. The variety of products and services also helps to keep its customers happy and coming back as a one-stop location for all of their surfacing needs. However, the company also relies on honing its skills and providing quality products to keep the pipeline of projects full.

Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future

When asked about the company’s philosophy for success, Pearce said, “We have always excelled by delivering a quality product on time, which is supported by a very specific scheduling process to ensure on-time production and delivery/installation. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship.”

Pearce attributes some of the successes the company has had in maintaining excellence to networking and information sharing efforts. “I have always found being involved in industry organizations a huge necessity to ongoing learning and growth of the business. I am fortunate to be a member of The Artisan Group, Rockheads, ISFA and NSI – all of these have provided many platforms and relationships to share best practices,” he expounded. “Get involved with industry groups and don’t be afraid to discuss key performance indicators with others and strive for improvement every day.”

He also had some thoughts on the pandemic and the current economic environment, saying, “We all went through a gut check in March not knowing what the business climate was going to put us all through; we have been fortunate that we have seen a continued demand in all of our business segments. I am optimistic that the market will strengthen as we go through the remainder of the year. Trends with new home sales, as well as remodeling projects at this point look positive as we move towards 2021.

“I feel we need to continue to be more relevant via online opportunities,” added Pearce. This is why, in the wake of the uncertainty that does exist, Front Range Stone has invested in its website. This seems to be an ongoing trend during a time when people are more likely to conduct research and make purchasing decisions based on information available online vs. in person. Pearce said the business has partnered with other various leading-edge tech companies in the industry to make online transactions easier, allow web-based project quoting, and reviewing the slab and even remnant inventories online.

When asked what advice he might offer to other fabricators, Pearce said, “If you aren’t growing you are dying; never be complacent in the pursuit of improvement and greatness for your business.” With the intelligent moves the company has made over the years to get to the level it is at today, it is certainly fair to believe when things return to normalcy, whatever that may look like, Front Range Stone will still be here going strong and ready to take on whatever comes its way.

For more information on Front Range Stone, contact Brad Pearce by email at [email protected] or phone at (303) 761-4257, or visit