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Ultracompact Surfacing

Why Ultracompact Surfaces?
Ultracompact surfacing is one of the most recently developed product categories, and is a non-porous, UV-stable, low-maintenance countertop surface. A man-made product, it has the ability to mimic the appearance of stone, and other naturally occurring materials. Typically manufactured in sheet form for fabrication into finished countertops, ultracompact surfacing can also be used in a number of other applications, such as flooring, wall cladding and outdoor applications.


The Appeal
The product is designed to provide UV resistance for color stability outdoors and exceptional strength and performance. Ultracompact surfacing is highly resistant to impact, scratches and abrasion and has very low water absorption. It also provides thermal shock resistance against heat, frost and thawing, enabling the product to be used outside in any climate. It is available in a large variety of hues and several finishes, depending upon the brand.

How it’s Made
While different manufacturers may use different processes to make ultracompact surfacing material, it is generally made from a mixture of inorganic raw materials in a heat and pressure sintering process that causes the ingredient materials to merge together forming a strong bond with very little porosity. Some manufacturers liken the process to the way metamorphic rock is created.